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Company will provide such facility to the customers of Telecom

AThe government has proclaimed to sell twenty-two % shares of Nepal medium to the purchaser’s victimization line, mobile, and network services through the budget of the approaching financial year 2078/79 Bachelor of Science and has started schoolwork for its implementation.

By period, folks victimization Nepal Telecom’s line, mobile, and new services are able to participate within the share purchase method within the budget. The money establishments square measure busy with schoolwork to make your mind up the main points of the company’s share distribution method and share value by a period of time.

According to the officers of the Ministry of Finance, Communications, and data Technology, Nepal Telecom, their preparations are created to implement the program within the budget. Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Dir Gharaj Mainali, told the campaign that the Ministry of Finance has started the mandatory schoolwork to implement the program with new thinking, even supposing such a program has not been introduced within the past to administer share possession to people who use the service.

“The cash has been paid by the service recipients victimization the service and therefore the necessary preparations are created for the implementation of the new model of possession of the service recipients,” he said.

As there has been a study on giving shares to the purchasers before, currently this program is being enforced by formulating procedures. Procedures square measure being developed in coordination with the Ministry of medium, Communications and data Technology, Ministry of Finance. “The finance ministry is getting ready to require the lead,” aforementioned Mainali. The news is in today’s Economic Campaign Daily.

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