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These types of mobiles will be closed from today (Shrawan 1)

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTAA) has made IMEI registration mandatory for mobiles coming into operation from today. NEA spokesperson Santosh Poudel informed that this rule has been strictly enforced since July 20 as it would be easier for the state to arrest those involved in criminal activities with the control of mobile phones entering Nepal by evading revenue.

He says this rule has been in place for a long time but has been tightened recently. According to Poudel, the mobiles brought directly from abroad will come into operation only after registering with the NEA online.

Although this rule is not strictly applicable to the existing mobiles, this rule will be strictly applicable to the mobiles that are in operation from today. NEA has stated that mobile registration has been made mandatory to control the incident.

Although there will be no problem in the mobiles that came into operation before July 16, the director of the Telecommunications Authority, Min Prasad Aryal, says that from today, mobiles will not operate in Nepal’s network without IMEI registration.

He argues that this rule is being strictly enforced to stop the operation of mobile phones that have been fraudulently imported as the recording of mobile phones purchased by paying revenue is with the authority in Nepal. This news is in the newspaper daily.

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